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Raksha Bandhan: It is the festival, which is nothing less than some of the grand celebrations in Hindu Religion. Today, across the globe, it is celebrated to cherish the unconditional loving relationship between sisters and brothers. It is celebrated on the Purnima of Shravan Mas as per Hindu Calender. Therefore, it is sometimes called Shavani also. The festival has very deep roots in ancient Indian mythology. Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, had tied rakhi to mighty demon king Raja Bali on this day and in return, Raja Bali had relieved God Vishnu, her husband, who was in his custody. Likewise, king Alexander’s wife tied the rakhi to his enemy called King Puru and in return, King Puru has promised her that he will not harm her husband during battle. Raksha Bandhan is meant a lot in relation of brother and sister.

Rakhi: It is a simple thread which is tied by sister on the right hand wrist of her brother. To make rituals complete, sister makes “Tilak” on the forehead of her brother first along with kumkum and rice before tying rakhi. Once it is done, both brother and sister offer sweets to each other’s mouth as a token of joy and happiness and both pray to God for well being of each other. In return, brother gifts something to his sister. There are many forms and varieties of traditional rakhi, like simple thread, resham rakhi, beads rakhi, etc. Sometimes it is prepared with precious metals like gold or silver along with precious stones. Some rachis are having music associated with it, some has beautiful fragrance associated with it. Some are prepared from zari or some are prepared from flowers.

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Once ordered, the gifts are packed nicely with utmost dedication and emotions attached to the gifts and delivered to the destinations by courier or Sped Post. In normal circumstances the delivery time is about 15 days. To assist the customer for any queries, customer support team is available along with on line chat service to make gifting process easy. With the advent of online gifting process, now there is no worry for catering your gifting requirements on the celebrating occasion like Raksha Bandhan and bring smiling curves on the faces of your dearest siblings. The process is so simple and quick that, many people have become fan of using the gifting services every year.

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Festivals are the means of celebrations. Celebrations of togetherness. Celebrations of being one with our nears and dears. Celebrations bring people nearer to each other. It brings joy and sense of fulfillment. Raksha Bandhan is one such glorious occasion which is being celebrated in India every year. Typically it is a celebration of brothers and sisters. Generally, it belongs to North and Western part of India, but it is being celebrated in whole part of country, as it has deep roots in ancient India. It has many other names like, Shravani, Kajari Purnima, etc. In each region it is celebrated with lot of zest and spirit.
Traditionally, on this day, sisters ties rakhi to their brothers and wish them for all well beings. Sisters worship their deities and pray to them for good health, wealth and prosperity for their brothers. Sisters prepare Pooja Thali and offer Tilak to their bothers on their forehead before tying Rakhi on the arms of their brothers and offers sweats into their mouths. In turn, brothers acknowledge the love and affection towards their sisters by offering token gifts. This tradition of celebration is enjoyed since many centuries.
Over the period of time, keeping the theme of celebration intact, new approaches have been adopted by people. Today, the whole world is a global village, and people are working and staying very far from their siblings, sometimes overseas also. In this scenario, it is essential to invent newer forms of sending Rakhi to very distant places. Online ordering and send Rakhi to India is one such popular method of sending Rakhi to their brothers by every sister. is one such website which offers many deals online and enable everybody to fulfill themselves with joy. There are many combinations and varieties available on the site. Alone Rakhi, Rakhi + Chocolates, Rakhi + Sweets, Rakhi + Pooja Thali, Silver Rakhi, Kids Rakhi, Bhabhi Rakhi are some of the offerings available to the choosers disposal. Everything is with very affordable cost. The orders once booked, will be shipped to the doorsteps of address specified by national or international couriers or speed post within 15 days. For payment of the orders also there are many options like, online bank transfer, PayPal, or cash on delivery. The details about the products and their ordering are already given on the site, along with replacement strategies, refund policies, and other terms and conditions.